Resume & Profile E-Summit
Expanding horizons: writing for international audiences

Presented by Tiffany Hardy & Marie Zimenoff
With insights from international resume experts Maike Hennig (Germany & Spain), Stephen Van Vreede (Asia), Stephanie Clark (Canada), and Birgitta Möller (Sweden).

It is no secret that the workforce is becoming more globally mobile every day. Are you prepared to help clients move seamlessly between continents? This E-Summit will provide samples and strategies for writers to position candidates for success in a global workforce.

If you want to expand the opportunities for your clients (and your business!), this webinar is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • What content to include for candidates looking to apply around the globe.
  • What formats to use, what candidates mean when they ask for a CV, and when to use the Europass and other specific templates.
  • What to consider in your word choices, considering both native language and culture of the target company’s home country.
  • How to list citizenship and visas for candidates applying globally and those wishing to move to the United States.
  • And much more!

Samples include fresh formats for resumes, marketing briefs, project listings, CVs, and more!

You’ll receive 60+ pages of sample resumes for individuals applying all over the world and resources to write documents that will help your candidates do the same.

Attendees will receive 2 CEUs. All registrants will receive access to live event and recording.

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