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Stupid Resume Mistakes that Drive Hiring Managers Mad

09 Feb 2021 2:36 PM | Deleted user

By Laurie Smith

We often get so caught up in the nuances of effective resume writing that we as resume writers and career coaches forget to emphasize the obvious to job seekers. Here are some resume mistakes that truly aggravate hiring managers and will likely lead to your resume winding up in the circular file, or at best, lost in sea of resumes:

• Writing with stilted, archaic "business" language. Write like you would speak in an interview. Show a bit of your personality.

• Naming your resume file "resume." Picture a recruiter or hiring manager who receives hundreds or even thousands of resumes a day with a file name like this. Include your name in the file name, and to not let a single self-marketing opportunity slip by, add something indicating what you do, such as "Business Development Strategist."

• Writing with liberal use of the words "I" and "me," which makes you come across as self-centered. First person is appropriate, but leave out the pronouns.

• Composing your document in third person legalese, as if it were a Federal employment job description. For example, "Manages this....," "... to include this...." Yawn!

• Bad mouthing a current or former employer. If you have nothing positive to say, please say nothing at all.

• Allowing typos in your document. I can't tell you how many times I've seen "manger" for "manager" or, even worse yet, "mange." Another common flub is using "personal" for "personnel." The absolute worst is when you see a misspelled word in a heading, such as "PROFESSNAL EXPERIENCE"! Research shows that a SINGLE typo is enough to get your resume passed over. Inundated with resumes, hiring managers' inclination is to eliminate as many resumes as they possibly can from the stack—as quickly as possible, in order to get the screening process to a manageable level. Don't give them a reason to toss yours!


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